July 25, 2011

Moving to TN & new blog

I feel so awful about not keeping up with my blogs... well we are moving to Tennessee this week, and I've started a new blog... you can now find us at Magnolias & Tea. :)

May 27, 2010

Dear Sophie (on your 6th birthday)....

Dear Sophie Lu,

Last night I said goodnight to my sweet 5 year old for the last time. I kissed you on my favorite spot (right above your cute little nose), and tucked you in just the same... but somehow it felt a little different. I realized that even though you are still my baby, you are growing up. I can hardly believe my baby Lu is six years old...

We had a fairy princess party for you last weekend and invited your best friends and all the girls in your class. I was so proud as I watched you eagerly greet each girl with a hug, calling out their name with such excitement. You made each of them feel special (I could tell by their smiles)... you are so sweet, Sophie, just as you have always been. You love everyone. And everyone loves you.

Early this morning, I brought a donut with 6 candles to you in your bed. I sang happy birthday to you, and you were so happy. As you blew out your candles, you wished for a very special birthday (I wished for that too). Today, Daddy and I are going to bring snacks and drinks to school at your snack time. Your teacher is making you a crown, and you classmates will be making you a birthday book. Tonight, we're going out for spaghetti (your favorite), and we'll be having a big family celebration this weekend. I just know you will have so much fun (you always do)!

This morning before you left for school, I held you in my arms and rocked you. I reminded you that when you were very little, you'd say "Rock you" when you wanted me to rock you. (You love it when I tell you how you were as a baby.) And as I rocked you, you told me that you would always be my baby. You still look in my eyes just the way you did the first time I ever held you. There is such love between us... it's more love than I ever thought possible. I'm so grateful for the special bond and love we share, Sophie Lu. And as always, I thank God and all of his angels for you... my precious, beautiful daughter.

So on your 6th birthday, I wish for you to always be as sweet and as happy as you are today. I wish for you the most beautiful life, and I pray that we are all happy and healthy as we continue to watch you grow.

Happy 6th birthday, sweet Sophie Lu! I love you with all of my heart...

Love, Mommy

March 17, 2010

What happened at The Mothers' Brunch at Sophie's School (so funny)!

Sophie's Kindergarten class recently hosted a Mothers' Brunch for all the moms, and it was such a special day for me! It was so well done- just beautiful in every way. I even left Sasha at home (I rarely leave her) so that Sophie and I could share this special event together. Dads were invited to help serve, so Michael volunteered (he's so good that way)- and it was really nice to have him there too. We enjoyed a lovely brunch and watched the class perform several beautiful songs about Mommies. They also recited The Lord's Prayer & performed it in sign language! It was very impressive (and yes, I cried!)... see the video below. :) But perhaps the most memorable part of the day (for me, at least) was hearing Sophie Lu read a book that she wrote about me. There were three sets of moms/daughters at our table, and each child read their books aloud to the everyone there. You can see the first page (above) was just so sweet.... the whole table went "Awwwww"...

and the second page was so true- we do love to cook together....

But then we got to this page... "My mom likes to dance." Here is the conversation that followed:

Sophie: (reading proudly) "My mom likes to dance."
Me: "Awww, what a sweet picture, Sophie Lu! And who is this I'm dancing with? Daddy and Ollie? And what are they holding... guitars?"
Sophie: "Noooo, Mommy! That's not Daddy & Ollie! Those are the Mariachis! (insert Mexican accent.) You know how you always dance with the Mariachis at the Mexican restaurant!
Me: (blushing and noticing that the other moms were not amused) Ohhhhh.... (then I sort of whispered to her under my breath while giving her a look... "Sophie, I'm surprised you didn't draw me dancing with my margarita..."
Sophie: (loudly) Silly Mommy, you can't dance with a margarita! Margaritas don't have legs!!!

And at that point, I could have cared less what the other moms thought... I was just so happy to be Sophie's mommy and to be lucky enough to get to hear the funny, cute things she always comes up with... she makes me laugh, and she makes my heart sing.... ♥

My precious girl and me... (taken with the same 3.5mp camera I brought to China... I didn't want bother with the big camera or worrying about lighting, etc. It felt really good, too. I'm going to be taking lots more snapshots- I miss those. :)

And here we are with our waiter... ♥

The Lord's Prayer (recited & performed in sign language)... Sophie is mid 2nd row w/fur lined collar & pink bow... notice how she mouthed "I love you" and then waved to me. ♥

March 14, 2010

One of my all time faves...


Processed with my Florabella Actions & Textures... :)

More from the beach (summer 09)


Family Shots at the beach (8-09)

DSC_0177 copy

DSC_9954 copy2

Okay- so I need to do some major catching up (what's new, right?)... but I'm really going to do it this time... :)

December 12, 2009

Sophie & Santa!

A very rare successful shot of the three of them! :)

Sophie told Santa that all she wanted was a "Swimming Puppy" for Christmas... (I guess she forgot about the bow & arrow and stilts...lol).

December 04, 2009



Still catching up from Florida last summer :)

November 23, 2009

What do you want for Christmas, Sophie Lu?

When I asked Sophie Lu what she wanted for Christmas this year, she said, "I want to leave Christmas cookies for Santa, and I want to leave apples and carrots for the reindeer this time!" My Sophie is so sweet that way... rarely does she have a wishlist already thought out. So I asked her what gifts she wanted Santa to bring her. She responded, "Hmm.... maybe some stilts. Oh, and a Barbie who has a dress that turns into a cape... Olivia brought one like that to show and tell." So I handed her some catalogs & asked her to look for some other possibilities. After looking through all the catalogs, Sophie was so excited to finally announce that what she really wants for Christmas this year is a bow & arrow! Stilts & a bow & arrow?... she is so funny! After my surprised "A bow & arrow, Sophie, really?", she answered with great confidence, "Yes, Mommy... a real one. Big girls shoot real bow & arrows." (I should have known that!) ♥
(of course the bow & arrow kit in the Magic Cabin catalog isn't really real... but to her it will be. Now where can I find some stilts?) :)

November 20, 2009

Halloween 2009 (video)


Unedited- but at least I'm posting... :)

November 17, 2009

Best Friends...

Sophie Lu & her best friend Megan... :)

November 16, 2009

Blogger Block (a note to myself) :)


I'm writing this just hoping it will help me get past my "Blogger Block"... I just feel so behind that everytime I think of blogging, I get too overwhelmed and can't do it! It's like I just want to avoid it and keep putting it off and off.... So instead of worrying about catching up and filling in all the blanks, I'm just going to try to post one thing, ANY thing on one or all of the kids blogs everyday for a week. A wise friend (Kim from 3Peanuts) always tells me it takes 7 days of doing something to make it a habit. :)

So this is my post for today...

Also, I'm going to try really hard to post more snapshots... things I want to remember.... without worrying about editing them, etc. I'll post the pretty photos I take too, but I have so many that just make me smile (whether they're great quality or not). And those are the photos that will make my kids smile too. I started these blogs because I don't keep photo albums and because I want my kids to have their childhoods documented. I want them to know how much I have always loved them. I want them to see just how adorable, funny & sweet they have always been.

Oh I feel better already! I think this helped me get past my block. So the next few posts may be out of order, etc. but at least I'll be posting again. Yay! :) Oh, and I just posted details on Sasha's blog, but check us out on this bottle of wine being sold to benefit breast cancer!

September 24, 2009

Florabella Featured on I Heart Faces Blog!

"J E W E L S"

My Florabella Collection is featured on I ♥ Faces today! If you don't already know this amazing photography site, you just have to check it out... tons of inspiration, resources & giveaways... and weekly photography contests! There is a Florabella Textures giveaway HERE, and a texture tutorial written by Rita of Coffeeshop here. Also. there is a discount code under the tutorial. ♥